Guide to understanding the campaign editor.

General Settings

Campaign Name

This is the name of your campaign. It's only used internally, when you need to identify the campaign.

Accent color

This is the default color that will be used across the campaign. This applies mainly to buttons and icons on the widget embed and standalone page. Any Hex color code is accepted.


Enable Ratings

With this turned on, users are able to send ratings, based on a selection of emojis, along with any additional feedback.

  • 😍 Amazing

  • 😀 Great

  • 😐 OK

  • 😞 Bad

  • 😡 Angry

Email field required

When enabled, users will be required to enter a valid email address in order to submit feedback to your campaign.

If privacy mode is enabled, this will have no effect, as email collection is turned off.


You have the choice of which side you'd like the Campfire widget to appear on.

  • Left - Displayed on left side of page

  • Right - Displayed on right side of page

Widget type

Campfire gives you the option to change the style of widget that displays on your site.

  • Floating - Mini-widget in corner of page

  • Sidebar - Show widget as a sidebar

  • Fullscreen - Widget is displayed in center of page

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