Guide to installing Campfire updates.

Most Campfire updates don't require any database changes to be made, so this upgrade is easy and simple. Below is how it can be done efficiently.

  1. Download the new update

  2. Delete all Campfire files (make sure to back up config.php)

  3. Unzip and upload the new files to your server

  4. Replace config.php in the functions folder

That's it. You should now be able to go back and log into Campfire and continue collecting feedback.

Warning: Once you upload the new files, do not run the auto-installer again. The installer automatically clears the database at the start, which will result in you loosing previous data.

If an update requires a change to be made to your database, we will try our best to give you detailed steps on how to update your database structure, without the need to clear your database.

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